Phase 3 is an integrated marketing services firm, simplifying the way brands connect with their customers.  We invite you to explore our promo and apparel site, and let us know how we can be of service to you.


We have a story to tell: Yours. Like an extension of your own team, we believe your story should be seen, heard, and experienced with maximum impact. Interactive is great, but you can’t hold it, touch it, or wrap your world in it. We have taken the best of both worlds to deliver impactful output, artful applications, and attention-attracting products that open eyes and build brand loyalty.

A promotional product should say more than just your company name. It should make a statement about who you are and why you matter. We work as your creative partner to develop custom, curated products that deliver your distinct brand message loud and clear. Whether you want a premium product with a quick turnaround or a custom piece designed and produced to perfectly match your needs, our business is making yours look good.

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    6 Budget-Friendly Products to Drive High-End Sales

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    It's Party Thyme: 7 Products for Plant Lovers

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