Brew Bag


Brew Bag


Brew fresh coffee with this coffee brew bag. 

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Item #: CGB770

Description: This coffee brewer offers coffee lovers the freedom to enjoy a gourmet cup during a busy day. It has the quality and rich taste of pour-over filter and french press coffee, with the convenience of instant coffee. Just add hot water to the pouch to brew 2 cups of coffee in 5 minutes. If you want your coffee stronger, just pour less water in and let it brew for longer. For milder coffee pour in more water and let it brew for a shorter time. The Coffeebrewer can be also be reused through emptying out the coffee grounds, rinsing the filter and refilling with new coffee grounds (recommended to let the bag dry out before reuse). This eco-friendly item is made from paper from reforested forests, it is coated with PE foil on the inside and contains no aluminium. Offers a great giveaway for coffee shops, book stores, ski resorts and more!

Colors: Natural

Size: 5 3/4” x 7 1/2”

Prints: 4CP Label

Imprint Area: 3 x 4”

Turnaround Time: 5-7 Working Days